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What would you like your life to look and feel like?

More often than not, we focus on the former and not the latter. We get busy trying to achieve many goals, yet we fail to feel nourished and satisfied with what we have or do on a daily basis. Seeking so much out there, we seem to move farther away from what may be at the coreof our wishes and dreams. It’s not until we stop and seek to reconnect with ourselves within that we realise this essential fact: we need a conscious and vital body, mind and spirit to make it all worthwhile. After all, how are you going to enjoy your milestones and achievements in your life?

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Conscious Wellbeing is a holistic healing centre that offers workshops and treatments that help you to raise your current state of wellbeing to a higherlevel. Whether you want to heal your body, spark up your mind or balance your emotions — we show you how to align your inner and outer life in a positive way, taking the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellbeing fully into account.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you running on automatic pilot, disconnected from your sense of self or your basic needs?
  • Are you resigned to not feeling well and the need to ‘push through’ in life?
  • Are your moods affecting your work and/or relationships?
  • Do you ignore your physical signs and symptoms, choosing instead to soldier on while taking medication or seeking stimulants just to keep you going?

When our core issues aren’t addressed, we feel it and, in time — we pay for it. Whether you need to take care of your chronic or acute health concerns, or you want to treat your body, mind and spirit to increase your levels of joy and prevent illness from arising through stress, just pick which service is aligned with you or email us at info@conciouswellbeing.com.au to find out more.

At Conscious Wellbeing we provide the following services:

We’d love to hear from you. Email us at info@consciouswellbeing.com.au, or through our Contact page, if you need more info or want to book an appointment!
If you’d like to stay in touch with us in the meantime you can visit the following link to sign up for regular updates on our services and workshops, and to download a free guided meditation! 🙂
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Connecting with your Authentic Self

Many of us are familiar with the old adage: Where intention goes energy follows. It’s also the simplest and most powerful way to create the life we want- connecting with our ability to manifest what lies in our highest good, and living a life aligned with who we really are. If it is so easy, […]

Remote Healing with Olivia Shurdova

  “The distance between us is only a flash of a thought.” Thich Nhat Hanh Experience remote energy healing that is deeply grounding and heart opening, renewing your sense of vitality within yourself, and harmony with all around you. You can now benefit from powerful energy healing sessions from the comfort or your own home. […]


Olivia uses a unique combination of acupuncture and energy healing, as well as guided meditation in her practice. Each session is tailored to each individual and all treatments are deeply transforming. If you prefer to experience acupuncture on its own, that is absolutely fine as well. Feel free to contact Olivia to find out what […]

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation can offer so much more than just a calmer, less busy mind. Meditation gives you the space to access your inner life, connecting with what makes you happy and what is important to you. Did you know there is no right or wrong way to meditate — it’s a very personal experience and […]

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Would you like to take up to 10 years off your face with a natural face-lift? In Chinese Medicine, the face is regarded as a mirror of what is happening in one’s body, mind and spirit. In order to keep your face youthful, it is necessary to treat your entire being. Cosmetic Acupuncture uses a […]

Freedom From Addiction

Whether severe or mild, physical or mental, Addictions hold you back in the areas your true self wants to move forward in life. Perhaps you would like to get ahead in your career, be a leader in your field, be a terrific parent, or just express yourself creatively in other areas? Addictions are a perfect […]

Pregnancy & Childbirth

All women want a smooth pregnancy, maintaining good health for themselves and their babies. But with so much information out there today on pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, creating unnecessary anxiety that gets in the way of honouring and enjoying this very special time. Acupuncture has stood the test of time […]





The Team

  • David Evan G.

    Olivia is absolutely expert at what she does. She has a gentle and empathetic manner and I felt uplifted by the whole experience. I thoroughly recommend Olivia.
  • Rebecca W.

    Olivia is simply fantastic. She is highly personable, genuinely takes an interest in her clients and cares hugely for you. I have had both Acupuncture and Reiki sessions with Olivia and the results are always there! I feel centred, alive (!), extremely alert and yet calm. I couldn’t recommend Olivia more highly.
  • Melanie Y.

    Olivia is an exceptional practitioner. As a fellow natural therapist, it is a blessing to be able to be worked on by Olivia. Olivia has a nurturing touch and great energy about her. Being not a big fan of needles, Olivia was able to put me at ease quickly and, during the session, I experience a great shift in energy and walked out feeling incredible. I can highly recommend Olivia and have referred many of my clients to her as she is an amazing intuitive Healer who consistently achieves great results.
  • Geoff A.

    Olivia has a rare gift and is able to intuitively understand and quickly start healing your health-related issues. She delves beyond the symptoms to the heart and soul of the issue. Through her caring, expert treatment, you will find yourself revitalised, re-energised and more in tune with your true self. Find the time and treat yourself to an amazing experience with this wonderfully gifted lady.
  • Matthew S.

    I would highly recommend the services of Olivia Shurdova; the entire experience was nothing short of amazing and helped me greatly in both stress relief and my personal journey.



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Phone: 02 8313 7033
e: info@consciouswellbeing.com.au

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