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Keep Yourself Updated

What can I say? I didn’t see it coming, and it happened at the worst possible time. Last month during my holiday, I was preparing to enter a 10 day silent meditation retreat which meant 10 days of no communication or technology at all. And just a couple hours beforehand I found out that my […]


On Pushing Through

Living and working in Sydney, and needless to say generally in our Western society, we live by the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. And it is such a ‘mentality’, isn’t it! As we only go with what the mind is focused and obsessed upon at the time. “What? – My body is tired, coming down […]


Understanding Yin & Yang

Recently there’s been an increased interest to understand the concepts of Yin & Yang. Whether at the weekly meditation workshops I run, or in my private practice, there’ve been more questions than usual so I thought I’d address what it’s all about in this post. Most people know or have at least heard of Yin […]


Yoga and Meditation Open Day

I just wanted to express a huge Thank You to everyone who’s attended our first big Open Day, everyone who’s been interested and supportive in the lead up,  as well as you extremely friendly people walking by in Surry Hills on Sunday! (Whether you were from the neighbourhood or just coming through, you made it […]


Self Healing Art of Meditation

If there was one tool I was to pick for ultimate self healing it would definitely be meditation. Thank Goodness there are so many kinds, including Moving Meditation, or I would get my wrists slapped by fellow exercise endorsers. No, meditation is definitely not just a navel gazing practice, although if that is what you love, […]