Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation can offer so much more than just a calmer, less busy mind.

Meditation gives you the space to access your inner life, connecting with what makes you happy and what is important to you. Did you know there is no right or wrong way to meditate — it’s a very personal experience and you can choose the benefits you would like from it. For example, it can be used for reflection and contemplation, allowing thoughts to come up and guide you in a certain direction or even remind you of what needs to be done or prioritised. It can also help you to get in touch with your heart and its positive expressions, such as compassion for self and others and an increased sense of joy. Or, if you wish, it can be a spiritual tool to transform life’s challenges, moving through trance-like states, connecting with illumined states of being.
In short, the uses and benefits of Meditation are endless.


A new offer of virtual meditation groups have come about from the 8 week Covid-19 lockdown we’ve experienced here in Sydney. I wanted to offer something to clients who could no longer come in to have a treatment in person so I decided to offer something virtually: a community to help feel connected through the practice of meditation. These sessions have a different theme every week and can be personalised to the attendees. They are completely private as cameras are turned off and only I am speaking and guiding you through a mediation. The sessions are about 20 minutes long. You have the option to attend live and everyone will receive the meditation in an email afterwards so you can listen to them in your own time.

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Starting your Meditation journey:

shutterstock_70997623Olivia Shurdova facilitates healing meditation workshops and private meditation lessons with individuals. Each lesson and meditation session is tailored to the participants needs. She has now built a large collections of guided meditation recordings and can send you a free sample upon request.

The Meditations are designed to elevate and uplift you, as well as assist you in moving through any challenges you may be experiencing. All strictly non-dogmatic, these Meditations are designed to suit anyone, from any background, regardless of whether you’ve experienced the benefits of Meditation before or not. Each Meditation session can be a tailored healing for you.

“From my 15 years of personal experience with Meditation through to facilitating to individuals and groups, I see time and time again that working on the subconscious through Meditation is one of the most healing, empowering and enlightening experiences available to us.”
— Olivia Shurdova, owner & practitioner, Conscious Wellbeing

Workshops are filled with material on raising practical awareness with room for discussion. In addition, the Meditations that you’ll be guided through will be emailed as an audio file to you after the workshop so you can listen to them anytime you need a recharge.

Meditation Meditation at your Workplace

If you would like me to come to your workplace instead, Contact Me and I’m happy to create  your meditation event or a weekly meditation course, specific to your needs. Get the most out of you working week by incorporating meditation for a more positive and conscious environment.

Holding a Wellness event and in need of a meditation component? Here is a testimonial from a Wellness event held recently:

“Olivia’s contribution to our event was invaluable. Her meditation
techniques connected perfectly with the audience and tied in beautifully
with the keynote speaker. I have no hesitation in recommending Olivia and
her passion for meditation.”

Janine Ashton
SVP – Human Resources – Asia Pacific

This is what a workshop attendee said after her meditation experience:

“Thanks so much for today! I think it was simply amazing! I feel so good, so happy and energised and really wanting to practice. I’ve learnt so much about myself, and think I let go of a few things today that had been on my mind the last few days.”

For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I look forward to facilitating the change you are after in your workplace.

Author : Olivia Shurdova

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