Latest Updates regarding Services


Latest Updates regarding Services

How are YOU feeling?

These unprecedented times are bringing up so many different and unique challenges for each of us. Speaking with family and friends, clients and colleagues, in Australia and overseas, it is clear that each of us are experiencing our own very personal worries through the lens of this pandemic.
Whether it is heightened health anxiety, for ourselves or our loved ones, financial distress, fear of isolation, of not having enough, or simply of the unknown, it has left most of us distressed, at different stages and for different reasons.As we are asked to adapt almost by the hour to circumstances out of our control, it is clearly a time for each of us to slow down, stay put, simplify our lives- and evaluate what’s most important to us.

First off, yes I am absolutely open and here for you.  Looking after your wellbeing, in particular your mental and emotional health, is more important than ever. There has been a lot of confusion out there as to who should stay open and not, however the Australian Department of Health has repeatedly (including only yesterday March 26) released advice through our professional body recommending registered healthcare workers continue working, to help ease the pressure on our hospital system.

  • I am taking every possible recommended precaution, and in line with the latest advice have adjusted my practice to accomodate all the newly required hygiene steps, such as disinfecting all common surfaces between each client, covering treatment tables in appropriate protective gear etc.
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms such as fever, cough or a sore throat etc- I ask you to kindly understand for obvious reasons that I cannot treat you at this time.

Whether it is to address current anxieties, treat existing issues, or simply to keep your immune system strong and resilient- acupuncture and energy healing can play a vital role now. 

You can reply to this email to make an appointment in either Manly or the Sydney CBD. And of course if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Support through Remote Healing

I am also available for FaceTime or phone sessions if you have chosen to completely self-isolate or are living too far away to come in. It may seem strange to hear it but the effects of remote healing can truly be just as powerful as if you were to come in in person. And in fact this is what nearly every one of my clients who has experienced both has said. If you would like more info in regards to the set up / how it works, or have any questions at all, feel free to call or by simply email me here.

“The time I first used Olivia for remote healing was a time where my life was at a real cross roads. I have always known how much I have benefited from my sessions, but at that time they were my saviour. If you haven’t tried it before, definitely give it a go. You will feel just as amazing as you would after a session face to face. In these crazy and frightening times, I know I will want to stay connected not only to healing sessions, but to my routines and support network.”

Free Virtual Meditation Group

Missing our group meditation sessions from the good old days in Surry Hills? I still send my meditation recordings out to my regular clients, and the consistent feedback is that they make a strong impact in between sessions to stay in that positive zone. Due to the heightened stress levels people are experiencing and because for many people it’s inappropriate to leave their homes right now, I would like to offer something to help us feel connected through a shared practice of peace and joy – derived through a weekly free meditation session.
When: every Wednesday evening at 8pm, starting April 1st
Duration: 20 minutes
Where: Zoom
How: Get in touch to receive and invite
Cost: Free (whilst we are in lockdown)

Again, if you have any questions or concerns at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch. No matter how alone we may feel these days, or how differently we may be experiencing this challenging time- we are all in this together. Whatever your challenge, I am wishing you all the courage, resilience and patience to get through, and my sincere hope for all of us is that we come out the other end wiser and more aware than we were before.

Wishing you kindness, good health and peace.

Warmest regards,


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