Lockdown.. 5 weeks in! 

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Lockdown.. 5 weeks in! 

How have you been holding up during this time- in body, mind and spirit?

Would it be safe to say that outside of the obvious challenges you might be experiencing from working a lot more from home (partners, kids or flatmates distracting you, maybe lack of an ergonomically designed or dedicated home office, or just feeling mentally fried from an onslaught of zoom meetings!) that you may also have become more aware of your overall wellbeing, or where you’re struggling with it? That in isolation it’s very hard not to notice what may be going on in your body, or in your mind, or even deeper within yourself?

Many clients have expressed a definite increase in stress of late, specifically: 

  • A feeling of being stuck (mentally and physically).
  • Financial insecurity, and therefore feeling tense and fearful about the future.
  • An awareness of increased physical pain.
  • Difficulty sleeping, insomnia and anxiety.
  • Feelings of loneliness, sadness and depression from being disconnected from loved ones.

These stresses are only magnified by the lack of physical connection and loss of freedom, with each other and from our normal activities. 

And if you know me you may already be hearing me say this before you read it 😉

“No matter where you are at or what is going on – every symptom, any sign, is an opportunity to help you clear and heal.”  Peace from agitation, only comes afteragitation.

Luckily acupuncture, as well as most other allied health modalities, is still a service officially and legally available for you. The Australian Department of Health has repeatedly released advice through our professional body recommending we as registered healthcare workers continue working, to help ease the pressures on our hospital system.

Yet with the current financial stress so many of us are experiencing, whether you’ve lost your job, had a pay cut, or are fearing the loss of your job in the future, I’m keenly aware of the impacts of those stresses and have decided to offer regular acupuncture sessions at a special rate:

Standard acupuncture appointments are usually charged at $120 but for a limited time they will be available for only $95.

This special is for acupuncture only, and not in conjunction with any other offer (such as initial consults, or with the combination of energy healing and counselling etc). 

My sincere hope is that for those of you in financial distress, this offer might help you combat any current sources of stress and anxiety you may have.

Support through Remote Healing

I’d also like to share with you that support through remote healing is not only effective but for many, life changing. 

I’d love share a testimonial a client of mine sent me the other day: 

“In a remote phone appointment from interstate almost two years ago Olivia & I started a process that has recreated my existence. It started with a huge shift in perception. Under a tree near the ocean in the sun I started the move back into flow, and now I’m evolving and creating new paths and possibilities every day with the choices I make, and the way I’m able to see things. I remember opening my eyes as our appointment ended, taking a photo of the sky and brilliant light above me, feeling like I was enveloped by it. My sense of my life and possibilities before that moment had narrowed down to a keyhole. Now I live in expansive brilliantly bright horizons and travel on coloured journeys I’d forgotten to make.”

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with me directly and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.


Free Virtual Meditation Group

The free zoom meditation groups have been up and running for almost 4 weeks now, and the feedback has been absolutely lovely. It’s been particularly wonderful to reconnect with so many of you who I have not seen or been in touch with for years. Please know that I am committed to keeping these sessions available and free during this lockdown period. It has been a joy to play whatever part I can in these to help ease stress and the sense of loneliness and disconnection. 

When: every Wednesday evening at 8.30pm
Duration: 20 minutes 
Where: on Zoom
How: reply to this email that you are interested and I will send you an invite 
Cost: Free

Try it: If you’d like to have a little taste of our virtual meditation group, here is a recording for you to enjoy from last night. I recommend you do it at the end of the day. Please note there is a short period of silence at the start and the meditation session begins about 45 seconds in.

If you have any questions about any of the services above please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am here to assist you and anyone who might be in need during these uncertain times.



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