New Years Update from Olivia

Olivia Shurdova

New Years Update from Olivia

Happy New Year to you!

I am back from my holiday in South Australia and Victoria and really looking forward to the year ahead. I can readily say after this trip filled with beautiful national parks and wonderful wildlife that I have fallen in love with Australia all over again. We truly live in paradise!

I hope 2015 has begun wonderfully for you, and that it continues to develop in the most fruitful direction, with many blessings along the way.

Do you find looking back on things that you end up lucky more times than not? Even if your original expectations differ radically from where you wind up, blessings often appear in the most unexpected ways.

I remember when my partner and I visited a Tibetan refugee camp in Nepal a few years ago, and met a man who had quite a story to tell. He was an ex-guerrilla assigned to protect the Dalai Lama before and during his escape to India. He endured more than you can imagine: violence, betrayal, losing all he loved most in his life. Though he was in his 90’s his mind was sharp, and his memory crystal clear. Moreover he was a very grateful person.

We asked him what his secret was to telling us his story in such detailed fashion without getting upset about what had happened to him. He said that it was part of Tibetan culture to remember all that has happened to you, so you can count the current blessings you have. In other words, he was keeping the memories alive but rather than being overwhelmed by them, he used them as a reminder on how good his present life was compared to what challenges he faced then. And his present circumstances were obviously far from even the most basic Western standards of living we enjoy here.

It’d be fair to say that in the West our memories are often bittersweet nostalgia, and that we pine after what is no more, losing the present to the past. On the other hand it is also common that we suffer now from what happened to us many years ago, regardless of our current circumstances. Either way, our relationship to our past and present doesn’t feel as healthy as this lovely old man’s relationship to his. We may chase an outcome, believing it might erase our previous unlucky and unhappy fate, yet what I learnt from the encounter with this man was that his internal appreciation of the present was his way of staying healthy and happy.

May he be an inspiration this New Year for us all. 🙂

But if you sometimes find it difficult to appreciate where you are in life, don’t despair- there are often completely logical reasons for that. In Traditional Chinese Medicine we relate good health (emotional, mental and physical good health), which leads to happiness, to free flow. Free flow of Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang. For example if Qi is not flowing freely, you may suffer from physical pain, or get emotionally overwhelmed. If your Yin becomes excessive (very common at this time of year!) one’s tendency is to feel depressed, lethargic and unable to move forward in life.

In those and so many other cases, acupuncture is such a great tool to get the energy flowing again, a kickstart in the right direction- where you’ll feel much more inclined naturally to connect to a healthier and happier path, making healthier and happier choices.

To get your kickstart for the New Year with acupuncture feel free to get in touch with me any time on 0404 896 742 or

I look forward to connecting with you in 2015!

Sending you much love in the meantime,


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