Olivia Shurdova

Olivia Shurdova is the founder of Conscious Wellbeing, and a much-loved Healer and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner with almost 15 years clinical experience combining Acupuncture, Energy and Qi Gong Healing, Counseling and Meditation.

Olivia headshotThrough her unique approach of combining these modalities and, unlike most Acupuncturists, spending the entire session working one on one with each client, Olivia has developed a proven track record of profound and lasting results, specialising in:

German born, Olivia is half-Russian, half-German, and for over a decade has called Sydney, Australia home. Her interest in philosophy from a very early age led her to study Taoism, and she later broadened that knowledge into scientific and esoteric teachings.

A fully registered Acupuncturist with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia, Olivia has also completed a Masters of Health Science for Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Olivia has learned from many great teachers and has now developed her own very unique approach to treatment, which utilises tools and techniques based on ancient principles alongside extensive modern research, personalised and tailored to each client.


A lifelong journey of study and exploration, combined with her enduring passion for meditation and yoga and the presence and intuition it offers her in her daily work, are all now integrated and essential components of every healing with Olivia.

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Mission Statement:

Conscious Wellbeing-1“From very early in life, I knew I wanted to help people heal themselves. No matter how small and insignificant or how big and overwhelming your concerns maybe, help is available to you to feel empowered and nurtured whilst moving through it all.

We’ll look at everything that is going on in your life in a safe and non-judgmental way, and then discern how re-balancing your inner flow can create positive changes in your life overall.

I am passionate about providing my patients with powerful and lasting changes in their lives. Whether you’re looking for an enhanced sense of health and wellbeing, rejuvenation, or spiritual re-alignment, I am completely invested in your process to achieve this.”

To book a session or receive more information on Olivia’s services, please email us at info@consciouswellbeing.com.au