Yoga and Meditation Open Day


Yoga and Meditation Open Day

I just wanted to express a huge Thank You to everyone who’s attended our first big Open Day, everyone who’s been interested and supportive in the lead up,  as well as you extremely friendly people walking by in Surry Hills on Sunday! (Whether you were from the neighbourhood or just coming through, you made it so enjoyable to have an Open House that day.)


Despite the storm in the middle of the day, from the early morning until night we enjoyed showing you who we are and what we are here to offer. Everyone of us is extremely passionate about bringing wellbeing to the community of Surry Hills, everyone in their own fashion, whether it is through yoga, guided meditation, aura soma products, counselling, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and/or more.

You may have not known this before but I have been in the building for about 4 years now offering Chinese medicine, acupuncture and guided meditation on a one on one basis but it was only last year that the bigger yoga room and courtyard entrance also became available, and so our healing centre was born!

It is our dream to have a sanctuary for many people to come to, more like visiting a family where you are accepted for who you are, wherever you may be at (hence every class being open to all levels). We are not about converting you to any dogma or spiritual beliefs, we are just passionate about sharing what we’ve witnessed working for many people’s wellbeing in our combined decades of experience in an authentic and grounded manner.

You can enjoy an intimate environment, giving you the space you need to enjoy your practice…




..and where you can have fun 🙂


So we hope to see you at our regular, weekly yoga and/or meditation classes, and know that we are constantly growing, i.e. getting more teachers, practitioners and more services on board. Let us know what you’d like to see here, or how we could help you. I’m always happy to chat.

Thanks again for being such an awesome community, I love Surry Hills. 🙂

Love and blessings,


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