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3 Weeks to go! Check out this Special Offer… :)

As my last day at the Surry Hills Conscious Wellbeing clinic approaches (October 29!) I am really savouring every moment with each of you. The bittersweet goodbyes have definitely started, but for me these moments are filled with immense gratitude and appreciation to you all whilst I look back at the past decade- and at what’s to come. As mentioned in my last […]


Moving From Survivor To Creator Mode

 “Peace from agitation only comes after agitation.” Taoist saying When crisis or disorder overwhelms us we sometimes default into “survival” mode- doing whatever we can just to survive, looking for solutions to fix it. This of course is a perfectly valid approach. Yet it may not bring about the change we want to really move […]

Buddha Belly

Clarity and Your Gut

2016 is flying by- it’s already March in a week, and autumn is just around the corner. It’s hard to believe, since this summer’s felt never-ending with the incredibly hot and humid days and nights here in Sydney. The past few weeks, compromised digestive health has been a chief complaint for many of my clients, […]

Channel the Divine Feminine

Your Truth about PMS

PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome): An acronym standing for so much, three little letters so loaded in our culture, and open to interpretation in so many (in fact, too many!) ways.  There aren’t many ‘disorders’ that are thrown around as much as this one, or used this often to stigmatise women,especially in the West. As women, we […]


Keep Yourself Updated

What can I say? I didn’t see it coming, and it happened at the worst possible time. Last month during my holiday, I was preparing to enter a 10 day silent meditation retreat which meant 10 days of no communication or technology at all. And just a couple hours beforehand I found out that my […]


On Worship and Idealism

This has been a bit of a phenomena lately in my practice – people coming in with challenges that relate to worship, either ‘worshipping’ or being ‘worshipped’. Let me elaborate. It’s actually a very common theme. I’m sure there is something or someone you may be worshipping or have worshipped. A religious belief perhaps, a […]


Understanding Yin & Yang

Recently there’s been an increased interest to understand the concepts of Yin & Yang. Whether at the weekly meditation workshops I run, or in my private practice, there’ve been more questions than usual so I thought I’d address what it’s all about in this post. Most people know or have at least heard of Yin […]


On Being ‘Good’

This is a topic I’ve been burning to write about. You, and all of us, fall prey to it : the notion of being or ‘becoming’ good.  Too often do we feel we could be and do better. You may have gotten on the path of self development yourself and are enjoying the wonderful fruits of […]


On Cravings

I got into an interesting conversation with a client of mine the other day which left me feeling quite inspired. It doesn’t take much, when I see the light go on in people’s eyes, as soon as the anxiety disappears and our eyes are met with understanding and empathy instead, going with the flow and […]